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We make efforts to help you make your products excellent.

We highly appreciate trust which our customers put in our products, solutions and ideas which help make their production smooth and efficient.

We have been a Czech manufacturer of GARUDAN industrial and programmable sewing machines since 1996.

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Our roots

We carry on the tradition of the production of sewing machines which began in Boskovice in 1938.

Apart from lock stitch machines, we have launched chain stitch machines (overlock and coverlock) and programmable sewing machines. GARUDAN sewing machines are exported to more than 25 countries.

We grow

Since 1998, we have extended our production, we have launched sewing machines with  prolonged arm, machines with Zig-Zag stitch (GZ Line), post bed machines (GP Line) and many more.

The newest programmable sewing machines GPS/X and GPS/G enable you to sew extra heavy materials such as ropes and straps as well as a large sewing area of up to 100 x 60 cm.

The company Garudan is the biggest manufacturer of sewing machines in Eastern Europe.


We produce

We have our own departments of development and design as well as our own production line.

We are the leaders in the production of programmable and special sewing machines. Our machines reach the highest quality and productivity of sewing.