Domestic sewing machines


Domestic sewing machines

Domestic sewing and embroidering machines

A well-equipped sewing machine is a foundation. Are you looking for a machine for occasional clothes adjustments, or have you fallen under the spell of quilts? Our offer of sewing machines will satisfy the needs of a beginner as well as a professional dressmaker or tailor.

Choose a reliable basic mechanical sewing machine or electronically controlled model with a broad selection of stitches and function for your easy and fast sewing. For advanced and avid dressmakers, we have an embroidering machine, overlock and coverlock in our offer.


Embroidery machine HOBBY GES/B - T1001

Single-head embroidery machine

10 needles embroidery machine for embroidering from flat to caps/hats (220°), garments etc. The machine is for home embroidering. Maximum high speed is 1000 stitches/min.

Multiple languages are available, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, French, German, etc. Machine reads formats DST, DSB and the others. Maximum sewing area is 310 x 210 mm.

Automatic and programable changes of 10 colours during sewing. Automatic or manually thread trimming using button. When the power fails, the machine is equipped with Automatic update, consisted in returning to the last needle position.

Dual CPU enables design input/output while machine is in operation. Lettering enables to make inscriptions directly on display without using programe for sewing embroidery in PC. Machine is immediately stopped after thread break. Return to the broken point is very fast and punctual. Total power consumption is only 80 W.

  1. High Definition true color 7“ LCD touch screen with user-friendly interface with easy-to-understand icons and operation for high efficiency.
  2. Function Offset available by pressing button.
  3. One-step tracing available by pressing button.
  4. Pre-set hoops to avoid hitting frames during embroidering.
  5. Recessed USB port protects USB flash drive.
  6. Built-in LED light.
  7. Lan port for network connection.
  8. Buttons for thread trimming and adjustable position 100° for efficiency operation.
  9. Detection of thread-break by sensors.

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Garudan CARMEN GES-1162

Carmen is fully-fledged sewing, embroidery and quilting machine – 3 in 1. Simply attach the embroidery unit to turn the sewing machine into an embroidery one. 162 sewing and decorative patterns, 96 pre-set embroideries with the option to upload own embroidery, as well as several types of the alphabet including numbers and symbols or decorative embroidery borders and embroidery outlines. The sewing speed of up to 650 stitches per minute guarantees maximum comfort when sewing and embroidering. You get all this when buying the Garudan CARMEN GES-1162 machine.

If you are looking for a sewing machine with a variety of uses, CARMEN is right for you. Deluxe sewing machine of the Czech brand GARUDAN offers the possibility of comfortable turning the sewing machine into an embroidery machine using addition embroidery unit. You can simply attach the embroidery module to the machine and then start embroidering. Two embroidery frames in sizes 100 x 235 x 100 x 100 mm offer above-standard space for embroideries in various sizes.

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Garudan CREATIVO GHE-1500

The Garudan Creativo GHE-1500 electronic sewing machine is specially designed for demanding dressmakers and quilters. It has a luxuriously large sewing place and a long arm. It will allow you to work comfortably with large pieces, such as blankets. The difference in sewing comfort is huge. The machine is equipped with a high-performance motor to handle even heavy materials and many layers of fabric. Solid construction and all-metal internal frame guarantee high performance and stability.

You will sew like a professional with the knee lever and automatic lower thread cutting. All operations are clearly visible on the LCD touch display. It will always warn you to select the presser feet, its position at the top or missing steps so that you wouldn’t make a bad stitch. You will program the patterns into memory you can turn them to mirror image, repeat and adjust them when sewing. You will set the feeding exactly according to the material’s needs by the manual pressure regulator. There is no lack of feeder immersion lever, without which the quilting would not be possible. Thanks to the inbuilt needle threader and quick-inserting rotary hook under the transparent cover, the manipulation with threading is easy and fast. You have the threading procedure in front of your eyes on the tipping top cover. 15 automatic buttonhole programs will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding dressmaker. You will get 12 presser feet with this machine, including walking presser foot, thanks to which the machine will be able to fee even the exacting sliding material. 

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Garudan VISIO GHE-1207

You will enjoy sewing and quilting with the Garudan Visio sewing machine. The additional worktable will provide a large area so that large pieces will not fall. Turn off the feeding, and you can start to work on loose embroidery. You have the control completely in your hand – you don’t have to use the pedal. You can store up to 60 patterns in the memory, and all of them can be rotated in a mirror image. Sewing is made more pleasant by the high presser foot stroke, integrated threader and maximum sewing speed regulator. 

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Garudan INSPIRO GHE-1200

You will fulfil all your creative ideas and designs with the all-metal internal construction and high-performance motor of the sewing machine Garudan Inspiro GHE-1200. Garudan Inspiro has an above-standard large frame and longer arm. If you do patchwork and quilting, working with the machine will be very easy. Buy a large auxiliary table in addition, comfort when sewing is important. We think of your comfort – sewing will be joyful with a needle threader, speed control and clear display.

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Garudan SMART GHE-1099

Are you looking for the right sewing machine for your projects and do you know exactly what is important for sewing? The Carudan GHE-1099 electronic home sewing machine will convince you of its qualities. In the first place, it is the all-metal frame of the machine that ensures stability and good performance. The quiet rotary hook and the side needle threader will facilitate the preparing process for sewing. You also have the thread cutter on the side, on-site backstitching button and smooth speed regulator. Witch a wide selection of 99 patterns, including 8 buttonholes and the alphabet you will enjoy many pleasant hours of sewing with it. You can count on Garudan Smart.

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The four-thread Leader VS400D coverlock sews a three-thread cover (linen) stitch in three versions, triple sewing through also suitable for sewing ribbons and rubber bands and chain stitch. Sports and functional clothing look absolutely professional thanks to it. Thoughtful design offers plenty of space and high-performance. Get a coverlock and sew up to standard.

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Thanks to the high-performance, speed and precision of the Leader VS 340D overlock, sewing sportswear and knitwear will be fun. The differential feeder allows you to set even shift of demanding materials. You can also gather frills with it or create a decorative rolled hem. The free arm makes the sewing of the narrow hems of sleeves and trousers easy. Buy, in addition, the presser feet for sewing pearls, elastics or piping, and the work will be easy. Reliable all-metal construction is designed for strong performance and long lifespan.

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Leader NewArt 300

Are you looking for a reliable universal sewing machine with good performance and quality construction? Leader NewArt 300 with two-positioned presser foot lift is not afraid of even thick material and has prepared pressure regulation for light materials. It can sew an automatic buttonhole and set the position of the needle when stopped. Thanks to the needle threader, you no longer have to fight with narrowing your eyes, and the side cut will free you from searching the scissors. The equipment offers 32 stitches, including overlock and decorative. It will be a great helper for first and advanced sewing projects. 

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Leader StreetArt 270

The solid mechanical sewing machine Leader StreetArt 270 offers a high-quality all-metal internal construction and reliable performance. Not only it can handle common fabrics; thanks to the option of adjusting the pressure, you will sew both light slithery chiffons and strong working twills effortlessly. 
With automatic buttonhole, wide feeder and integrated needle threader, even beginners will sew comfortably. Thanks to LED lighting, you can see the work easily. Effortlessly. You will also appreciate other advantages, such as thread cutter on the side of the machine, the option to cover the feed and the adjustment of the needle’s position when stopping by the short tread on the pedal.

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