Development department

We have own development department, design and production line in our premises.

We are proud of our way, way which includes own development, innovations, design and production. That is proved by many patents which we have registered so far. Some of them we invented together with the Technical University of Liberec.

This attitude enables us to find new innovative solutions, which make a production of our customers more efficient.

Programmable automatic sewing machines – GPS Line

Development and production of programmable automatic and special machines are our domain.

Our programmable machines (GPS) are powered by our software which was designed directly for GPS line by our IT specialists so that the GPS machines meet the highest requirements of 4.0 Industrial Revolution.

Design department deals with designing of sewing frames and additional devices.



The departments of development and design use CAD software for three-dimensional models as well as for preparation of documents which are used within a production.

Software GPS-01

The software GPS-01 was designed as a support for GPS machines users and can be installed to personal computers, which enable designing patterns even when the machine works.

Main features:

  • Ability to read DXF files enable uploading files made by CAD software
  • Drawing patterns by tracing uploaded pictures
  • Able to read patterns which were created for sewing machines of other brands
  • Vector-oriented software ensures quick and easy adjustment of stitch length, type and speed of sewing in the whole pattern or just in part of it

The GPS-01 is easily understanding and adjusting. Because of our global network of customers is offered in many languages such as Czech, English, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Spanish and Hungarian.


Custom Solutions

We develop and implement a solution based on the requirements of our clients. We have a solution even for you, just turn to us and we will help you.

Thanks to our experience we make our machines Garudan more effective and sophisticated and we are able to meet your requirements more easily.